Pattie Steib
Vice President


I cannot remember a time when there was not a dog in my life. My first four-legged family member was Red Dust, a Chow mix that bit half of my friends and had a reputation that extended far beyond our neighborhood. The people in our small town knew to cross the street when they got to the block before our house. Sprint was next, a pointer/English setter mix. What a great dog! He spent most of his time following my brothers around, hunting and fishing, but slept outside my bedroom door - my personal bodyguard. Cocker Spaniel Desdemona followed me through college, marriage, and first kid. I now have a house cluttered with critters, among them my four rescues - Jing, Sushi, Lucy and Little Mr. Nosey.

I became involved in rescue when a friend asked me to take adoption pictures for Labs4rescue. I photographed 5 dogs the first visit, and it was way more work than I'd imagined - both physically and emotionally. My legs were sore from the up and down, and I cried the whole way home. But, I decided that if one of the dogs found a home because of the pics, it would all be worth it. Amazingly, all five were placed in less than a week, and I was hooked. Since then, I have photographed over 500 dogs for various rescue groups. I find it enormously rewarding, and as long as my knees hold up, I'll be there.

When I'm not chasing dogs around, I work at Southeastern Louisiana University as the Distance Learning Specialist. I enjoy reading and Scrabbling, almost anything chocolate, and travel to any destination. Well, almost any - went to Detroit once, not going back.